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Social Media Product Discovery

Social Media Product Discovery means that customers buy your products after having discovered them via social media. Often times this means customers have seen your product on an influencer. 55% of people bought a product online after seeing it on social media.

How does Social Media Product Discovery work more in detail?

Top of the funnel: discovery and brand awareness

If a potential customer is in need of a pre-workout shake, they’re going to first think of the fitness guru they follow on Instagram and the brand she promoted a few posts back. While they may see the sponsored posts for months without making a purchase, they will immediately think of you when they are finally ready to splurge.

Bottom of the funnel: conversions

Consumers look for third party validation and testimonials when making a purchase. An influencer’s audience associates any product that the influencer mentions with someone they already admire and trust. This trust is then projected onto your product and your brand. So, when the same customer is ready to make a purchase, if their favorite influencer has promoted their brand, they’ll automatically be inclined to consider, and ultimately purchase, from your brand.