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Organic Advertising

The term Organic Advertising or Organic Marketing is intuitive. The definition of Organic Marketing refers to the act of getting your customers to come to you naturally over time. This is the opposite of artificially attracting customers via paid advertising or media.

There are many different tactics for Organic Advertising. Some of them can easily be done on the side, others take more effort. Here are some examples:

  • Optimize the copy on your website for conversions
  • Make sure all links on your website go to the right places and remove unnecessary links (especially to external websites)
  • Work on your email marketing strategy - A/B test different subject lines, try activating your customers with discount codes or promotions, give away valuable content for free (i.e. guides)
  • Write a blog with valuable content. Update it regularly. This will give potential customers value and help them consider you as trustworthy.
  • Keep an eye on trends. If there’s anything related to what you’re selling, make use of it by implementing it on your website, in your emails, or in your content.
  • Signup for free online directories. One of our favorite one for tech products is ProductHunt.
  • Create and establish social media profiles. Post content regularly and make sure it's on brand.

Organic Marketing is not a quick fix, but if done continuously, it can go a long way in helping you establish, maintain, and grow your brand or business. It makes sense to practice some tactics of Organic Advertising to ensure you don’t get caught up in large paid advertising spending.