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Instagram Story Marketing

Instagram Stories is an Instagram in-app feature that lets users post photos and videos that vanish after 24 hours. The features offers filters, text functionality, gifs and other ways to personalize the upload. You can also send Instagram Stories directly to followers. Content shared on Instagram Stories won’t appear on a user’s profile grid or in their main Instagram feed, making it part of an entire different user flow when using the Instagram app.

As of 2018, Instagram Stories also offers a poll features, another simple way to engage with other users. As of November 2017, Instagram Stories topped 300 million daily users.

Thanks to direct linking possibilities for business profiles, Instagram Stories offers a great way to get users on to a website directly, something that Instagram had been lacking thus far. Instagram Stories also offers a great way to work on your brand’s digital storytelling. The 24h window offers opportunities for testing without interfering with long term brand assets.