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SMS marketing

Engage your audience with high converting SMS marketing campaigns.

SMS marketing campaigns

Drive sales with direct text messages

Create high converting SMS campaigns that reaches your target audience with the right message — at the right time. Try our SMS marketing service now and increase traffic and ROI.

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Referanza logo and logos of integrations: Salesforce, Mailchimp, Hubspot, Excel, CSV, Google Tag Manager, Eventbrite, Ticketmaster

Send auto triggered SMS messages through API's

Hook up your customer data with the Referanza platform and generate auto SMS sendouts. Connect with integrations like Salesforce, Hubspot, Mailchimp, or Eventbrite for seamless data transfer and tracking.

Personalized SMS message

Break-through the clutter with personalized messages

Segment your customers based on earlier behaviour, purchase history and ratings — and send unique and attractive offers to increase conversion rates.

Referanza Landing page example with Youtube trailer, ticket purchase button and Spotify button

Increase engagement with creative landing pages

Link the SMS directly to your own website or create a beautiful and conversion-optimized landing page in our platform. Add a YouTube video or Spotify playlist and boost engagement, CTR and traffic.

Track your SMS campaigns

Track your campaign results and maximize your ROI

Follow up your SMS campaigns in real-time and A/B test your way to perfection. Our dashboard gives you both a holistic and detailed view of your campaign analytics.

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