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Add social proof to your site and increase conversions and checkouts.

Customer reviews on site

Reviews are crucial for your business' success

Let happy customers share their stories and grow your brand. With our review widget it's easy to add ratings and reviews from satisfied customers to your website.

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Close up of review from promoter customer with NPS rating 10

Show the world that you have happy customers

With the Referanza Platform you can collect and publish reviews from customers directly to your site - with just one simple click.

  • Build trust and authenticity
  • Increase your conversion rate
  • Get customer testimonials to use in your marketing
Recommended by Customers 5 stars badge

Build even more trust with our badge

Recommended by Customers is a verification badge developed by Referanza. It is a proof of your customers' overall satisfaction. The badge is a representation of companies with a majority of happy customers who would recommend the products or services to others.

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