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Identify your happy customers, turn them into advocates and let them recruit new customers. Scalable and cost-efficient.

NPS Email and SMS campaign examples

1. Identify your happy customers

Discover who loves your business with the one-click NPS and Feedback Survey. Choose between SMS or Email and ask customers 'How likely they are to recommend your business". Customer who rates from 7 to 10 are automatically segmented as brand advocates.

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Referral email

2. Turn happy customers into brand advocates

Reach out to customers who said they would recommend you with the Referral Email or SMS —and let them become your best ambassadors and recruiters. Trigger engagement, share rates and conversions with refer-a-friend offers.

Customer influencer Facebook post

3. Grow your base of happy customers

Attract and acquire new customers by letting your current ones share unique welcome offers with their friends. Authentic and cost-efficient. Use the platform to identify your best ambassadors and reward them for every conversion made.

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