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Increase sales before and after events with customer referrals

With our self-service platform it's easy to build campaigns that speaks to both your audience and their friends! Choose between SMS or email, add your design & copy and send to your contacts. For all marketers out there.

Referanza's referral funnel event timeline

Build up excitement before the event

Reach out to your fans right after they have bought a ticket and ask them to invite their friends too. All they have to do is click share! With our Referral flow you will increase your online word-of-mouth and credibility by letting your fans do the talking. When you want to create a pre-event hype, get closer with your fans and boost sales.

How it works for Event Marketing


Your fan buys a ticket to the experience and is encouraged to invite her friends.


Your fan invites her friend through a social channel who buys a ticket too.


The fans are asked to submit reviews and share feedback in their social channels.


The new fan shares her recommendation to another friends who buys a ticket too.


Phantom of the Opera Referral SMS campaign flow

Get publishable reviews after

Find out your Net Promoter Score, get valuable feedback and publish reviews from customers who had a great experience. Our Recommendation flow is built to increase fan engagement, shared recommendations and sell out that arena of yours!

Danny Saucedo NPS Survey SMS campaign

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Upload your contacts directly in the platform and decide the time for your send out. Or connect to Ticketmaster, Eventbrite or Zapier for a seamless transfer. You’re all set!

Follow up and optimize

All data needed will be right at your hand. We’ll provide you with tips and tricks on how to improve those results!

Find out how much you can gain by using Referanza!

Campaign type
7500 Reach
1.5% - 2.2% Conversion Rate
113 - 165 Expected New
$100 Expected Revenue
per Customer
$0 - $0 Expected Total
Campaign Value

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