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Our features

Everything you need to get to know your customers, increase your social impact and take your brand to the next level.

Gain long term satisfied fans

Continuously track your CX and NPS, get useful insights and find out what to improve.

Get those referrals rollin'

Ask your customers for feedback and referrals when they are truly engaged and expect to hear from you - and they will respond we assure.

Reach your fans directly with SMS marketing

Get down with your fans, wherever they are. One simple click on that link and the feedback is yours.

Get responses at scale with one-click-rating emails

Designed with your fans in mind. And your KPIs. Mobile-friendly of course.

Design your campaigns quicker than quick

No ad agency needed, just you and a couple of minutes of your time. Add some nice-looking images, select your brand colors and a few sentences of compelling copy. Done!

Add an engaging landing page

Personalize the message to your audience with a pre-purchase page. Boost engagement by adding a YouTube video trailer, or link to Spotify. To really fuel up those conversions, add a triggering CTA, like the chance to meet the artist.

Track your performance

Get a full overview of your campaign's success in the dashboard. You can get as detailed as you want, looking at individual responses or everyone at the same time.

Rescue your detractors

We identify your less-than-happy customers and let you respond to their feedback directly. This also prevents them from spreading negative buzz about you online.

Word-of-mouth that scales

Stay alert on your customers' opinions, identify your micro influencers and collect reviews and testimonials to use in your marketing.

Ready, steady, integrate and convert

Connect to Ticketmaster, Eventbrite or Zapier with seamless data transfer and conversion tracking. Or simply upload an excel/csv-file and integrate with Google Tag Manager.