Our features

Everything you need to get to know your customers, increase your social impact and take your brand to the next level.

Referrals before

Increase your online word-of-mouth by letting your fans tell their friends about you. When you want to build a buzz around a product, create a pre-event hype or boost your sales.

Recommendations after

Find out your NPS score, get valuable feedback and publish reviews from customers after they have experienced your product. And let the customers that give you thumbs up (your fans) share their recommendation to their friends and followers.

Ratings spelled Net Promoter Score

Ask your customers only one question, “From a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend us to a friend?” - and get a great insight on your loyalty score. Also, did you know there’s a strong correlation between a high NPS and company growth?

Reviews from your fans

Publish the best reviews from your fans on your marketing channels and be prepared to welcome new ones.

Worrying about bad reviews? No worries, your detractors’ thoughts will only reach you.

Reward your micro influencers

Make sure your fans with the greatest social impact stay motivated. Offer them something special, like a VIP upgrade or cool merch from your sponsors.

Rescue your detractors

By using the Referanza platform you can easily Identify your not-so-happy customers and respond to their feedback. This also prevents them from spreading negative buzz about you.

Retarget your fans’ friends

We have found that friends of your fans are more likely to covert compared to a neutral target group. By using your collected data you can create retargeting campaigns that will make your company ship rocket!