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How it works for event companies

Increase ticket sales and engagement on social media with referrals and reviews from event-attendees, before and after your events. Scalable and cost-efficient.

Referanza's referral funnel event timeline

1. Boost referrals before the event

Reach out to your event-goers right after they have bought a ticket and ask them to invite their friends. With our Referral SMS or Email you will increase online word-of-mouth, credibility and boost sales. Perfect when you want to create a pre-event hype and get closer with your fans.

Phantom of the Opera Referral SMS campaign flow

2. Get publishable reviews after

Find out your Net Promoter Score, get valuable feedback and publish reviews from customers who had a great experience. Our Recommendation SMS and Email is built to increase fan engagement, shared recommendations and sell out that arena of yours!

Danny Saucedo NPS Survey SMS campaign

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