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  • Get up to 50% response rate and 40% shared recommendations across social media
  • A recommendation from a fan reaches on average 150 friends
  • The friends are 50x more likely to make a purchase with a recommendation
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Why referral marketing?

Did you know that as many as 20% of your customers would recommend you to their friends if you just asked them

And that 86% of all customers trust their friends rather than ads? Don’t let that possibility slip away!

Increase your online word-of-mouth and authencity by letting your fans spread the word about about you. Send automatic SMS or Email messages and ask for referrals. Perfect when you want to build a buzz around a product, create a pre-event hype or boost your sales.

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Reach existing and new attendees

Choose between mobile responsive SMS or Email messaging

  • Connect with your fans wherever they are with SMS marketing
  • Get responses at scale with one-click-rating emails
  • Cost effective and built for automation

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Turn fan experience into growth

A great part of the fan experience comes down to the interaction with you as an organizer and the fans’ ability to share their thoughts with you, both good and bad. This could concern a specific event you are offering, or the overall experience with you as an organizer. Fans today gladly express and share their opinions. When it comes down to it, that particular concert, match, circus or theatre is a product created to meet with the fans interests and needs. And who is better than the actual fan him or herself to tell you about those? They know what they want and need better than anyone else. And that’s great news for your business 🙌.

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How it works



Your fan buys a ticket to your event



Your fans are encouranged to invite their friends



Your fans are experiencing the event together



Your fans are asked to rate and review their experience



Your fans' friends see the reviews and buy tickets too

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We have been using the Referanza platform for two years now. The greatest benefits for us has been the ability to track the experience from the audience and perform marketing together with and through our loyal fans.

Kristjan Kristjansson
CEO, Göta Lejon
Kristjan Kristjansson - CEO at Göta Lejon

About us

We are a Swedish company that offers a cloud-based platform for peer-to-peer marketing. Since 2015 we have been helping live entertainment businesses to find and connect with their fans - by letting them refer, review and recommend their positive experiences to their friends on social media.