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The top 5 things you should be using Micro-Influencers for.


What’s a Micro-Influencer? There’s no official textbook definition of a micro-influencer, yet the term is receiving more and more recognition in digital marketing. A micro-influencer usually is a person with an engaged social audience. He or she is often considered an expert within a specific field and therefore has a big impact on the buying decisions of his social network. You probably have several micro-influencers around you. Think of that one friend on Facebook that loves music and keeps recommending new bands while receiving authentic comments by friends with a similar interest. Imagine the impact this person could have on the sales of an upcoming band if activated by the label.

Micro Influencers vs Influencers

With the amount of people using ad blockers constantly on the rise, Influencer Marketing is having its pivotal moment within ...


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