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Why Micro-Moments are a big deal for your business

Ever since the internet and smartphones have emerged, consumer behavior has changed drastically. With over 70% of online time spent on a mobile device, micro-moments are now the deciding factor in a competitive consumer market. How well are you equipped to offer top-notch experiences for your customers and potential customers - in a few seconds and across devices?

The 10 do's of great event marketing

In a time of fierce competition for customers’ loyalty, your business needs to stand out.

Customers are flooded with options ...

Mobile Marketing: Are your customers spending their digital minutes on you?

Did you know that 71% of the total digital minutes the average American spends online are spent on a mobile ...

How can you reach my satisfied customers friends?
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Why Customer Feedback Is AWESOME

Customers have more power and choice than ever before. They can make or break companies. What can set your company ...

Customer Experience Management is your biggest Growth Opportunity this year

2016’s Digital Marketing report by Adobe and Econsultancy looked at the biggest growth opportunities for the coming year and ...


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