Make the valuable visible
with our powerful growth marketing tool.

Make the valuable visible.

Explore our growth tool for organic, peer-based advertising.

This is how you unlock new
audiences using Referanza

1. Identify

Reach out to your customers with our NPS survey. Receive valuable feedback and identify influencers.

2. Influence

Make it so easy for happy customers to share your content, they can't resist.

3. Track

Use our dashboard to track the effect: engagement, customer satisfaction, audience reached, and sales!

4. Grow

Create authentic relationships with your most-influential customers to reach new audiences every day.

Make the valuable visible.

Get started with your first referral campaign in only 3 minutes.


Build your first campaign using our Campaign Manager. Choose your own logo, pictures, colours, text, and style.


Choose e-mail or SMS to reach your customers.


Upload customer information manually or connect your CRM.

Hit send!

Send out your campaign now or schedule for later.

Collect actionable feedback and track conversion.

Your customers will respond to your campaign and tell you how likely they are to recommend your business.

You will also gather feedback from your customers. Use positive feedback for marketing and respond to negative feedback.

Let your customers do the marketing.

Social recommendations

Encourage your most-influential customers to share their story with their friends and followers.

Multichannel Word-of-Mouth

The word about your products gets out to new audiences via your customers' networks.

Customer Generated Content

Publish testimonials and customer stories to build trust and authenticity.

83% of customers trust recommendations rather than ads.

Social recommendations spread and will
now start attracting new customers.

Attention & Reach

Social posts drive attention from new audiences and generate reach.

Action & Clicks

Reach and attention convert into direct traffic.

Conversions & Sales

Earned traffic generates sales.

Growth hack your marketing!

See how you’re doing with analytics and
performance tracking in real-time

Analytics in real-time

Analyze the numbers live as they come.

Track performance

Evaluate progress and success of your campaign.

Display results

Measure the results and ROI.

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