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Your fans do the marketing

Take charge of your word-of-mouth with Referanza’s Campaign Platform and boost ticket sales.

This is how you boost ticket sales with Referanza.

1. Your fan buys a ticket

Referanza is connected to your ticketing system so you know exactly when a ticket is purchased.

2. Your fan invites their friends to join

Right after the purchase, the fan gets a sms with a unique referral-link to send to friends.

3. Your fans go to the event together

The more the merrier - your fan and the fan’s friends enjoy their time at the event.

4. Your fans post social recommendations

After the event, all fans get a new sms asking them to give feedback and share their recommendations with friends and followers. Even more people buy tickets to your event!

Your fans do the marketing.

Friend-to-friend invitations

Make it easy for your fans to invite their friends before the event.

Fan recommendations

Make sure that your fans recommend and talk about the experience after the event.

Fan reviews

Publish reviews and fan stories on your web or ticketing system.

Collect actionable feedback and track conversion.

Your customers will respond to your campaign and tell you how likely they are to recommend your business.

You will also gather feedback from your customers. Use positive feedback for marketing and respond to negative feedback.

83% of fans trust recommendations rather than ads.

Use the power of word-of-mouth to sell more.

Reach & Impressions

Recommendations and referrals from your fans are spread on social networks.

Clicks & Traffic

Friends of your fans click the recommendations and referrals and drive traffic to your web or ticketing system.

New sales & New fans

Earned traffic generates sales.

Growth hack your marketing!

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performance tracking in real-time

Analytics in real-time

Analyze the numbers live as they come.

Track performance

Evaluate progress and success of your campaign.

Display results

Measure the results and ROI.

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