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Generate Traffic & Sales Through trusted Customer Influence

Our software platform helps companies drive thousands of new Customers through trusted Recommendations from their Happy Customers

Out of every
00 000
happy customers
We reach over
000 000
of their friends and followers
Resulting in
00 000
engagements from new
potential Customers

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The 4-step process to turn your happy customers into influencers

Reach out to your Customers to find earned Influencers. Plus get feedback from the ones that don’t want to recommend - and why!
Make it extremely easy for the right Customers to post and share brand-content & recommendations to friends and social networks.
Use the dashboard to track the effect from Customer Happiness to new traffic and sales through Customer Influence.
Create a VIP-relationship with your Influential Customers to use their content and recommendations in your own channels.

The Referanza Dashboard

1. Build campaigns and schedule sendouts
2. View responses, reviews and recommen­dations
3. Track the social effect, reach, impressions and traffic

Let your Happy Customers drive Social and Online Traffic.

Social recommendations influence far more than ads. People are more interested in what makes their friends happy rather than in paid messages. So let your happy Customers tell their friends on Social Networks - and their friends will be Customers as well.

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This is Why you should add Customer Influence as a part of your Sales & Marketing tactics!

of Customers say they trust word-of-mouth recommendations rather than ads.
Up to
of buying decisions are made out of Customer Influence.
Up to
of all Word-Of-Mouth comes from Customer Experience.

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This is Why you should add Customer Influence as a part of your Sales & Marketing tactics!

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