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Our customer success team has years of experience running successful NPS and referral programs for different types of clients. No matter your size or goals, we will make sure you get the results you should expect.

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Referral marketing services

Services that we offer

  • Campaign creation including copy and design
  • A/B Testing, optimization and reporting
  • API integration
  • Web development
  • Google Tag Manager support
  • Retargeting campaigns

“I have influenced almost everyone of my colleagues to start working with Referanza. We like to develop the tools and ways of doing things together and believe a close collaboration will benefit us in learning more and getting more use out of the products.”

Sofia Ekskog, Marketing & Sales Manager at 2Entertain

Reach the full potential of your referral marketing

Our team delivers improved ROI on almost all of our customers campaigns. Let us A/B test, run ad hoc campaigns and follow up on your efforts in order to grow your business.

Our process illustrated

Our process—always-on referral campaigns

  1. Brief and onboarding
  2. We build the entire campaign flow
  3. Uploading of data to the platform
  4. Launch of campaign
  5. Ongoing optimization, reporting and check-ins

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