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Don't know who your most valuable customers are? Find out and let them boost your sales.

Grow your customer base and increase your lifetime value with our feedback and referral marketing software.

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Loyalty and referral marketing in one platform

Run a Referral Program

Get Actionable Ratings & Feedback

Increase Customer Loyalty

Turn Customers into Micro-Influencers

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Ready, steady, integrate and convert

Connect to Ticketmaster, Eventbrite or Zapier with seamless data transfer and conversion tracking. Or simply upload an Excel or CSV-file and integrate with Google Tag Manager.

Referral email

Get those referrals rollin'

With our marketing platform it's easy to up set up your own referral program. Reward your ambassadors when they refer a friend and increase your customer base to a low acquisition cost.

Calculate the Return of Investment of a Referral Program

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Gain long term satisfied customers

Don't guess what your customers think, ask them. Track customer experience and loyalty continuously with NPS surveys, get useful feedback and find out what to improve. Identify your happy customers and turn them into brand ambassadors.

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Your happy customers are your best influencers

Engage your customers as promoters and boost your brand's social buzz. Reach look-a-like audiences organically on Facebook, Whatsapp, Linkedin and Twitter and increase conversions to a low cost. decreased the acquisition cost with 50%

“Referanza's tools have helped me find new customers in a cost-effective way. By building look-a-like audiences based on customers rating my business 7-10, I have almost halved my acquisition cost. I'm super happy!”

Carl Kjellme
CEO/Founder @
Carl Kjellme, CEO/Founder of

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Improve authenticity with customer testimonials

Don't let your potentials customers go to waste. Add on-site reviews from happy shoppers to prove your case in the end of the sales funnel and watch your checkout numbers rocket.

NPS survey SMS campaign

Break through the clutter with SMS marketing

Increase engagement and conversion rates with personalised messages. Target your ambassadors with unique offers they cannot resist to keep them interested.

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