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Drive Referrals Through Social Media

Have you ever delivered such an outstanding customer experience that a customer left your website or place of business ready to tell anyone they met about the good service they got? Leveraging that kind of enthusiasm on social media can be a game changer for your business. Referenza makes sure that your customers promote you where it matters with the right message. We make it super easy to customize the message that they will share to their friends, family, and colleagues on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or WhatsApp. 

Track Your Total Promotional Power 

Referanza employs the Net Promoter Score© (NPS©) to measure customer satisfaction and loyalty. A battle-tested methodology that measures the total promotional power that your business generates. Your NPS© serves as a critical and most accurate indicator of your future growth. We provide you with an easy way to track the development in your Net Promoter Score© over time. Also, we provide consulting services to help you turn your promoters into brand ambassadors and generate new leads.

Collect & Broadcast Feedback

Referanza offers you the ability to collect all valuable feedback in one place. By collecting and broadcasting testimonials, you will avoid stagnation and shape a positive public image. The valuable feedback you receive will also help you continously improve your business and customer experience.

Get more traffic and new leads

Social media is now the leading source of referral traffic for all websites. At a time when everyone’s customers are more connected than ever, word-of-mouth has started playing a crucial role and has changed from a ‘nice-to-have’ feature to a necessity for growth. Referanza helps you effectively generate referral traffic in order to convert your new leads into future customers.

Even more features

Conversion tracking

Find out exactly what impact refferrals are generating.

Boost social sharing

Let your brand ambassadors amplify your social voice, so you can reach your most satisfied customers’ friends and family.

SMS surveys

Reach your customers at the exact right moment and achieve excellent response rates by using SMS.

Optimized email surveys

Email surveys optimized for response rate and email deliverability.

Mobile first

No matter if you reach your customers on mobile, tablet or desktop the experience is optimised.

Analytics dashboard

Get a clear overview of your customer satisfaction and campaign performance.

Add your team members for free

Get your team involved in the process and keep everyone up to date. Add up to five users at no extra cost.

Multiple languages

We already support several languages and can add any that you might be missing

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Annika Cardell

Head of sales and marketing


By using Referanza for our shows, we are able to receive powerful and instant social recommendations and word-of-mouth directly after the guest leaves the theatre. The fully mobile NPS-solution also gives us important feedback about the guest experience.

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“Word of mouth is the primary factor behind 20 to 50 percent of all purchasing decisions.”